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Dear visitor, please be informed that we were never involved in money management services. We were never located in Gibraltar. We do not understand why FSC issued this warning: http://www.fsc.gi/enforcement/fscwarning0047.htm
They weren’t able to provide us with any reasonable answer as to why they did so. They also couldn’t provide us with any evidence that they based this warning on. If you doubt us, please do not hesitate to contact us or FSC. We have no secrets to hide.


forex tradingI would like to take the opportunity to welcome each and every student to Price Action Trading Course.

There is no other course like this out there anywhere.

I provide a Very Special type of Trading Education. As a professional full time trader I have unique perspective on the commodities and currency market honed by more that fifteen years of experience. I have been trading as a prop trader and as a money manager for a hedge fund. The market that I trade now, exclusively, are commodities and forex market.

I believe you will find it very rewarding and beneficial regardless of your career goals as you learn and acquire new skills that you will be able to apply and benefit from over the course of your life time.
I am committed to providing the highest level and quality of education and support. Challenge yourself and enjoy every aspect this course has to offer as you build your skills as a currency trader.